Personal Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Debt levels across Northern Ireland have spiralled in recent years and the widespread availability of credit swiftly followed by the property slump, the recession and resultant job losses have put significant financial pressure on debtors across all classes of late.

Creditors can invoke bankruptcy proceedings for debts of just £750 – it is important therefore to face up to your financial problems as early as possible.

At CavanaghKelly, we have many years’ experience in advising individuals in financial difficulty.

Our experienced team of personal insolvency advisors will work with you in identifying the most appropriate solution to your financial difficulties, whether that be an informal arrangement with your creditors, an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or bankruptcy.

Whatever the solution, we are here to share the burden, to relieve the pressure, and to help you put your financial difficulties behind you so that you can start afresh.

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