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At CavanaghKelly our Public Sector Consulting team provide a high quality, value for money service to a wide range of governmental and non-governmental bodies including Councils, community and voluntary organisations. CavanaghKelly has the ability to provide your organisation with a complete range of internal audit, governance and risk services tailored to your sector, size, risk appetite and regulatory requirements. CavanaghKelly use only appropriately experienced and qualified staff on all our appointments to deliver a business focussed strategy for managing change.

Our Public Sector Consulting services range as follows:

Internal Audit and Risk Management arrow

CavanaghKelly believe that risks left unmanaged within an organisation can ultimately result in its demise. Board of Directors and Committees are regularly brought to the forefront of the media as a result of their failure to counteract control weaknesses through a strong system of internal control and failure to adhere to proper procedures. Cavanagh Kelly provides a modern, dynamic approach to Internal Audit which far exceeds a review of internal financial controls. Our approach also includes a review of:

  • Operational structure, Human Resources, Data Protection, Change Management, Business Continuity, Value for Money;
  • Strategic Structure, Direction and Planning; and
  • Corporate Governance, Risk Management and development of a risk register.

CavanaghKelly will apply a risk based approach to identify the areas of most risk to your organisation’s strategic, financial and operational effectiveness and to ensure all systems and processes are aligned to your organisation’s objectives.

Our Internal Audit clients range from the non-for-profit sector and public sector organisations to significant Northern Ireland private sector clients also. All work is conducted in accordance with the professional standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Chartered Accountants Ireland and Government Internal Audit Standards. Cavanagh Kelly can provide either a co-sourcing or outsourcing service.

Audit of EU Funded Grants arrow

CavanaghKelly have extensive experience in working with organisations receiving EU funding; both in terms of assisting clients to obtain funding and the audit of EU funded grant claims.

Corporate Governance Reviews arrow

CavanaghKelly acknowledges that corporate governance, risk management and internal controls are all under increased scrutiny by regulators and stakeholders. Our Public Sector Consulting team has the ability to:

  • Assess your organisation’s compliance with regulations and legislation (either on a periodic basis or where an urgent need arises);
  • Advise on best practice measures and business processes;
  • Review the board membership to ensure it reflects an appropriate range of experience and expertise; and
  • Provide governance workshops.

  • CavanaghKelly can design and improve upon current governance structures to help ensure that risks are being effectively managed and that the appropriate governance and risk structures are embedded throughout your organisation.

External Audit and Accountancy Services to the Public & Voluntary Sector arrow

CavanaghKelly have extensive experience providing external audit and accountancy services to a range of organisations within the Public and Voluntary Sector including community and housing associations, charities and schools. All audit work and accountancy services are completed in accordance with Companies Act 2006, International Standards on Auditing (UK and Ireland), United Kingdom Accounting Standards, and Government Financial Reporting Manual.

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